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Page last updated: 1/3/22

Monthly Meetings

See each meeting announcement for specific schedule information.

If you are building a robot or just planning one, join us at a meeting and meet the gang. We are on an exciting journey and welcome you to join us our regular monthly meetings. They are free and open to anyone who would like to attend. We also have a Meetup group page. Here's a link to the pre-meeting slideshow that explains many details that won't be covered during the meeting announcements. It will advance automatically every ten seconds and repeats every 2-2.5 minutes.

The Seattle Robotics Society has had a meeting nearly every month since 1982. Check the main page of the website or our FB page to confirm that the meeting will happen.

Schedule and Venue: The Seattle Robotics Society meets on the third Saturday of each month. Our in-person meetings have been at the FIRST Washington Fieldhouse in Kent at 21238 68th Ave South, Kent, WA, however this facility has been vacated for this year and a new location will not be selected until Fall 2021. Details will be posted on the front page of the website when a new location has been selected.

We will try to include elements of the in-person meetings in our online meetings but direct personal interaction will be limited to what's possible through Microsoft Teams. Virtual workshops on the monthly meeting days may happen as well.

IN-PERSON MEETING DETAILS: None available at this time.

Welcome: If you're new to our meetings (or not), welcome! My name is Steve and I'll be running the meeting. Come early and introduce yourself. Meet the people attending and find out why they came. We have new people all the time as well many faithful, longtime members who have been attending for years.

Club Business: The meetings are friendly and informal but do follow an agenda. We'll start by addressing any club business (the club's mission and purpose, what people are interested in, etc.), and share news of upcoming robotics events in the area, the upcoming presentation schedule, and anything else related to club operations or activities.

Show-n-Tell/Round-the-Web: The show-n-tell style informal demonstrations or presentations by members provide opportunities for people to share what they are working on with the group and is a great time to ask questions to and seek help from other club members. Because this portion of the meeting is totally unplanned, it can last 15 minutes or exceed an hour, there's no way of knowing ahead of time. After this comes a mid-meeting break (~10 mins depending on how late the R-the-R runs) prior to the presentation where there is an opportunity to follow up with people, mingle, meet others, and rummage through the swap meet items. This is also an opportunity to consider sharing about your project as a formal presentation at a future meeting. Contact us at the club email.

Presentation: After the break comes I'll call everyone back to begin the formal presentation. These run 45-60 minutes or longer and can be an invited guest speaker sharing his/her experience on a robotics or technology-related topic, an open discussion on a pre-defined topic facilitated by me or another member, a member presenting on his/her robot or other interesting project, or even a remote Google Hangout with someone too far away to come in person. Sometimes we have past presenters back for an update on their projects, work, or research.

Look here for a long list of past presentations.

Afterwards: After the presentation the meeting officially ends, but feel free to hang around and chat with people, follow-up on questions about things shared, meet more people, see demos of things people brought, etc.

Monday Night Chat

The Seattle Robotics Society hosts a "Monday Night Chat" each week.

Starting at 7pm Pacific Time each Monday, members of the SRS holds an informal chat session. This is a great opportunity to come ask live questions of the SRS members, seek help for technical problems, or just chat about robot stuff.

Details for joining the chat are on the Contact Us page.