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Tom Dickens Library Page

68HC11 Programs

Here are a collection of 68HC11 assembly-language programs I've developed. My intention is to provide various program examples of various 68HC11 capabilities to demonstrate how to access them. I've also include the full source code for the various articles I've written for reference. My hope is that this is useful...

About the Author

Tom Dickens works for the Boeing Company and teaches during the evening at Henry Cogswell College. In his teaching, he has developed classes using the 68HC11 microcontroller. Tom has also written 68HC11-based robotics articles for The Robotics Parctitioner and The Robotics Digest.

Utility Subroutines

Most of these files contain a small driving program and utility-specific subroutines to access the HC11 capabilities. The intent is to present generic subroutines which you can use in your applications.

Article Source Code

Let me know if these are useful to you, and if there are other examples you would like to see... Tom Dickens