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Writers Guide for the SRS Encoder

The Encoder welcomes any submissions for publication. The intent of this page is to describe the procedure and introduce some guidelines for you to follow when you write your article. You will find it is easy to do, and very rewarding.

The Article Contents

The article should be related to robotics, machine control, microcontrollers, sensors, engineering, or otherwise of interest to the SRS membership. If you are unsure about suitability of your idea, send the editor mail with a brief description of the subject (or the complete text if you already have it). We aren't picky, but we would prefer that it is applicable to the group.

Since this is an online publication, hyperlinks and pictures are appreciated. The length of the article isn't a big issue, but pictures should be usable on a computer screen. Size wise, that means less than 480x300 pixels. We can do a thumbnail image if you need. See the section on picture submissions.

The Text Format

This is the easy part. Use your favorite word processor. Single spaced is preferred, format it as you like then convert the final draft into a PDF file as the finished product. This will ensure that it looks the way you want it to and it's easy to post on the website.

For information about submissions or comments about the online Encoder, contact the Encoder Editor at SeattleRoboticsSociety(at)gmail.com.