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Winter 2004   New Encoder look, a winning Robothon line-maze robot, Lego sensors forthe Atmel AVR, IGO mini screwdriver hack, and an SRS listserver discussion on stair-climbing robots. Plus a new feature, a ROBOTS interview!
Fall 2003   Building a Directional Gyro, Multiplexing To Get More Outputs, MouseBOT (How to Extract Quadrature Encoders from Computer Mice), BXFlyer Four Rotor Helicopter, and Robothon 2003 Technical Papers and Presentations.
Spring 2003   Robots from Ryan Wistort, Servo Control, AirMail Stamp, V/I Tracer Project, Wireless RF, Positioning
November 2002   R/C Pulse Generator, Compasses, Robot: Basey, Autonomous Fish Project
Fall 2002   Robots SCROB, SLOTH, CRAWLY, and ZNAP Walker, Charging Lithium Ion batteries, picoCMOS Multi-tasking, and a Servo Excerciser you can build.
Jan-Jun 2002   Robots ABIONIN and ANCOB, Controlling the Magnevation board, Vision using the GBCAM, PID Motor Control, a DDS Function Generator
Nov/Dec 2001 IR Proximity Detection, Microphone Frequency Sensor, Sharp IR Distance sensor, Build a Spinning Sign, Variable Voltage Power Supply.
October 2001 Laser Ranging using vision, Hacking a Cirrus servo motor, Bit banging serial on the HC11
September 2001 CPLD Design, Walking Stick: A First Robot, First Steps: Failures, Laser Navigation, Home Brew Shaft Encoders, Using GCC for the 68HC11/68HC12
August 2001 The LM2825 Regulator, Implementing PID control, Implementing a stepper motor driver using a PIC
May/June/July 2001 Designing a controller board part 4, Servo Controller, Robot Navigation Techniques, Optimizing boolean operations, Line Following Sensor, Robot pictures
March/April 2001 Designing a controller board, Robot Rigel, Hacking Pyro-Electric Sensors, Servos and the 80C196, Interview with Karl Lunt, Amazing wheel design from Kenneth Maxon
February 2001 Robot: LIRP, The Lego RCX Challange, Designing a new controller part 2, Pictures from January
January 2001 Outdoor Navigation using Polarized Light. The Skank Sponge Award, a Lego Gripper, Merlin the Robot, Designing a new controller board, and more!
December 2000 Last issue of the year! An interview with Tom Dickens, a Simple Logic Probe, a 5 volt power supply, Sensing objects using a Pyroelectric sensor, a Review of the new Robot Builders Bonanza, and pictures from the past.
November 2000 More wireless technologies, DocBot Part 2, An interview with Gary Teachout, Line detection using both video and IR, Adding memory to the 68HC11EVB, PWM Frequency selection, Building a Sumo Ring, and pictures from the October Meeting.
October 2000 Huge Issue: 68332 Board Design, Sonar Hacks, RF Transmitters, Rodney the Dog, plus a whole lot more. Check this issue out!
September 2000 Robocup 2000, Interfacing a Quick Cam, Interrupt Driven Serial routines, Stepper Motor Control, Aerosonde Robotic Aircraft, Variable Speed Servo Modification, Dafydd's Robot
July/August 2000 Using the B32 IRQ, Home Foundry, Fixed Point Numbers, Hacking a Polariod Camera, SkateBot!
June 2000 PCB Software, Soldering in an oven, Programmable Logic Devices, The 68332 TPU
May 2000 The DS1305 Timekeeper, Line Following Robot, Robot: Dilbert, Robot: Puff1, Audio Detection
April 2000 Maxim 1204, 68HC11 Slave I/O, Servo Modification, The SRS FIRST Team
March 2000 Robot: Cherry Blossom, Robot: Onesimus, Audio Detection Circuit
February 2000 Basics, Robot: CB4, Easy Wheels, First Steps: Sonar & Mapping, Karl Lunts latest
January 2000 Simple DC Motor Control, DocBot
November 1999 Robothon, FIRST Steps: Sonar
October 1999 Adding memory to the HC11, Electronic Motor Speed Control
September 1999 K'NEXBOT Part 2, Guide to Vision Systems, PWM discussions, First Steps
August 1999 Serial EEPROM, The BallBot Project
July 1999 K'NEXBOT, BOBIRD, Electronics Reference, My Favorite Parts
June 1999 Phototropic Mobile Robot, Printing Circuit Boards, Photoresistor Arrays, S-Record formats, 68HC912B32
November 1998 Neural Networks, First Steps 2, Infrared
Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct 1998 A Mega issue! 68HC12 interrupts, 68HC11 interrupts, plus tons more
June 1998 SR04 Robot, Tutebot, Sumo results, Surplus Computers
May 1998 Genetic Programming, Stepper Motors, BotBoards for Beginners
April 1998 68HC912B32, Tortilla-Board's, FIRST, PIC16C84
March 1998 Fuzzy Logic Tutorial, Fire Fighting Contest
December 97/January 98 The 68HC12 A/D system, Fuzzy Logic, Fire Fighting Contest
November 1997 The 68HC12 Timer Module, The Basics, HC12 Explorations
October 1997 Programming the 68HC812A4 Board, Fire Fighting Contest
September 1997 Motors, 68HC812A4 Board, Fire Fighting Contest, The Basics
August 1997 RS-232, Motors, The Basics
July 1997 Gene-Sys1, The Basics
June 1997 Encoders, The Basics
May 1997 Sonar, Ladder Logic, The PIC chip
April 1997 ASM11 Primer, PCBUG11 Primer, The Basics
March 1997 Injection Molding, The Basics
February 1997 Mars Lander Contest, User Interface Ideas, Power Supply Conditioning
January 1997 Low Resolution Vision, An Overview of the 68HC12
December 1996 Mars Lander Idea, Micromouse Contest
December 1995 Marco, Gluing Acrylic, Nov Mtg Mins, V-Prez Says, Prez Says, Robothon '95 Encore, etc.
November 1995 Taps & Dies, Encoders, Sec Says, V-Prez Says, Prez Says, Robothon, P.A.R.T.S. Column, etc.
October 1995 Contest Rules, Burger Flipper, Making Holes, V-Prez Says, Prez Says, etc.
September 1995 Cutting Robot Base, Robothon '95 Results, etc.
December 1994 HDDR Col1, Financial Report, Prez Says, V-Prez Says, Resources, Ni-Cd Basics P2, Marginalia, etc.
November 1994 HDDR Col2, V-Prez Says, Ni-Cd Basics P1, Marginalia, Fire Fighting Robots, etc.
January 1994, Issue#24 B-Bot & ArmBot, Cataglyphis, Convergence, Back Encoder Issues, P.A.R.T.S. Column, E-Mall in Lynnwood, etc.
Fall 1993, Issue#23 San Francisco Robots, Robota Incognita, Drilling PCBs, AAAI Competition, Power & Work, P.A.R.T.S. Column, Robot Rally, etc.
Summer 1993, Issue#22 Robothon NW, Invention & Power of Place, Prez Says, Spontaneous Disorganization, Gears, ROBI Exerciser, etc.
May 1993, Issue#21 G.E.A.R. Campout, Nanomouse, Love of Robotics, Gearing, Teamwork, P.A.R.T.S. Column, etc.
April 1993, Issue#20 To Toronto, Mobile Robotics Taxonomy, 68HC11 SCM, Friction, P.A.R.T.S. Column, Ultrasonics P2, etc.
March 1993, Issue#19 Cheap Sonar, Why Robots Don't Move?, Prez Says, Motor Drivers P3, P.A.R.T.S. Column, Ultrasonics P1, SRS Council, etc.
February 1993, Issue#18 Motor Drivers P2, Article Wishlist, Prez Says, Sumo Blend, Spontaneous Disorganization, P.A.R.T.S. Column, etc.
January 1993, Issue#17 Homebrew CNC Drill, Motor Drivers P1, Cracked Crystal Ball, Prez Says, Spontaneous Disorganization, P.A.R.T.S. Column, etc.
November/December 1992, Issue#16 Logic Pulser, Sumo Drives, Navigation, Prez Says, Spontaneous Disorganization, P.A.R.T.S. Column, etc.
October 1992, Issue#15 Algorithms for Robots, Creativity & Focus, Prez Says, Spontaneous Disorganization, P.A.R.T.S. Column, etc.
September 1992, Issue#14 Powell's Book, PADS Std for ECAD?, Dillution of Effort, Sep Mtg Mins, Prez Says, Sumo Rules, P.A.R.T.S. Column, Robot Explorer, etc.
August 1992, Issue#13 Eclectic Eng., SPI Spy, Robot Market, Exec Council Notes, Prez Says, Surplus Land, Cybernetic Dreaming, PAHRC, Tooling Up, etc.
July 1992, Issue#12 Robot Sumo, Who Builds Robots?, June Mtg Mins, SRS Future, Homer, Simple Line Follower, YOR Schedule
June 1992, Issue#11 Eclectic Eng., SPI Spy, Robot Market, Exec Council Notes, Prez Says, Surplus Land, Cybernetic Dreaming, PAHRC, Tooling Up
May 1992, Issue#10 Holovision's Videowriter, YAIRS, Playing with Robots, April Mtg Mins, Prez Says, NSRA, Cybernetic Dreaming, PAHRC
July 1991 G.E.A.R. Campout, B.E.A.M. competition, Servo Pulser, IR Sniffer, Cheap EPROM Eraser

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