Building a Directional Gyro Alex Brown details using a Rate Gyro and a Digital Compass to provide a dependable way to determine a robot's direction Multiplexing To Get More Outputs Tom Dickens shows you how to add as many digital outputs to your microcontroller as you want. Both hardware and controlling software are detailed. Mousebot - (How to Extract Quadrature Encoders From Computer Mice) Theodore Johnson details how to make precisely controlled tabletop robots using the guts of old computer mice. BXFlyer Four Rotor Helicopter Bruce J. Weimer, M.D., details his experience designing and building an autonomous flying robot. Robothon 2003 Technical Papers and Presentations This year we added a technical-paper sesson to Robothon. The response was very positive as five authors presented their projects which included theory along with a physical implementation. We plan to expand the technical paper session in next year's Robothon. November 15th
December 20th
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