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Gordon McCombs Robot Builders Sourcebook

by Kevin Ross


If you have been around hobby robotics for a while, there are a few names that you will probably find on your bookshelf at least once or twice. Karl Lunt, Joe Jones, Anita Flynn, and of course Gordon McComb. Gordon is a well known author of books such as the Robot Builders Bonanza and Lasers, Ray Guns, and Light Cannons.

His latest contribution to the hobby is a book called the Robot Builders Sourcebook.

When my copy arrived in the mail, I was rather taken back by the shear size of the book. It is 711 pages long. It is also printed on 8.5 x 11" paper, and is a little over 1.5" thick! At first, I thought it was a phone book.

When I first opened the book, I thought "gee whiz, just a list of suppliers". I put the book down for the rest of the day, not thinking much of it. However, the next morning I took another look. That was a fortunate thing to do, because this book has a ton of really great information inside. The nicest part is that the information is organized by topic.

Say, for example, you wanted to find a motor controller. There is a section in the book called Motor Control that lists many different options and source for both hardware and additional information. Rather than just being a list of suppliers and internet sites, Gordon has added his own vast wisdom to the book by adding hundreds of mini articles that point out tips and techniques for accomplishing the subject.

While this book is not likely to educate you on how to build a robot from scratch, it is going to help you find resources, parts, and many useful tips. It is a great compilation of information, and well worth the purchase.

If you would like to purchase this book, and are an Amazon customer, the SRS would really appreciate your using the following link to purchase this book. We will get a small commission from Amazon, and you will help support the SRS website.

Robot Builders Sourcebook:


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