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Pictures from April 21, 2001 meeting of the

Seattle Robotics Society

at Renton Technical College

(c) 2001 Seattle Robotics Society

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

More pictures.  Please be patient if you accessing these pages over a phone modem.  Some smaller images are linked to larger ones.  Digital pictures were taken by Jeff Austin and Larry Barello.  Pages were compiled by Steve Kaehler.

(Page loading sizes: Part 1=677K, Part 2=544K, Part 3=590K, Part 4=598K)

Mini Me Mini Me Mini Me



Jeff Austin's Mini Me 2- mini sumo


Jeff Austin's Mini Me mini sumo


Alex Kaehler and Greg Barello Alex Kaehler and Greg Barello
Greg Fredricksen's ITSY


Steve Kaehler's K'NEXBOT Ted Greibling's Ram

Steve Kaehler's K'NEXBot 
mini sumo (in disarray)

Ted Griebling's "Ram" mini sumo


The Linemaze Gary Teachout with Theseus


Gary Teachout tries out Theseus


Larry Barello with Dilbert II Mazemax

Larry Barello tries out Dilbert II

Greg Verge tries out Mazemax

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4