Pictures from the January 20, 2001 monthly meeting of the

Seattle Robotics Society

at Renton Technical College

Pictures by Jeff Austin & Jason Barile; page compiled by Steven Kaehler

The "gang" in a very crowded banquet room (90+ people!)

Randy Carter's big radio controlled robot

Jeff Spencer's robot with a couple encoders he was selling (they went fast!)

LEGO claw gripper (click on image for larger picture)

Jim Wright's latest "general purpose" robot (back end)

Jim Wright's robot (front) - Note Sharp IR range sensors

Karl Lunt dissects a $50 wireless DOS PC terminal/controller

Remote controlled robo-mammoth

Mark Castelluccio's 68332 board - See previous Encoder article

Red bug (line tracking or obstacle feelers?) robot

Doug Bell's LEGO ZNAP robot - watch for an Encoder article

Rob Arnold's RuF Bot - See 
previous Encoder article

RuF Bot's RF receiver board
(1Mb QT Video)

RuF Bot's RF receiver board

RuF Bot's RF transmitter/controller 
in the base of joystick