October 2000

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Three 68332 Designs Presented Kenneth Maxon presents three full designs, including artwork and schematics, for controller boards based on the 68332. Outstanding article full of detailed information.
Implementing Dead Reckoning by Odometry on R/C Servo Robot Dafydd Walters: This article describes how to implement a simple, but robust, optical wheel encoder system on a robot that uses hobby servos for two-wheel differential drive.
Robot: Scorch Jeff Clayton shares pictures and design elements from his robot Scorch. This is one hot robot.
RF Modem Robotics Project Rob Arnold shows how he incorporated a 433mhz Radio system onto his robot.
Detailed hack for Polaroid Sonar Dennis Clark shows us how to hack a surplus camera to get the sonar unit out. Complete with pictures and source code, this is a good explaination of how to get sonar on the cheap.
Improving Servo Positioning Accuracy David Andersen shows us how to improve the accuracy of servo positioning using a great hack of a servo.

Regarding Precision Navigation

John Whitten expresses some important viewpoints about the needs for precision in robot building. He argues quite succesfully that we spend too much time worrying about precision, but not enough time handling our lack of it. Read this, its important to you!
Building a Photopopper Jeff Stefan takes us through the construction of a BEAM Photopopper
Skatebot Won! Robert Jordan shares some exciting news about Skatebot, and also more details on how to hack one.
Async-Input for the SPI of 68HC812 For a new MIDI project, Roland Froehlich needed a third async input. Commercial available SPI-Uarts are too expensive, so Roland found a low cost alternative with a GAL16V8.
First WORKSHOP 3D RCX LEGO Challenge Steve Kaehler shows us the Lego Challenge from the Pacific Science Center earlier this year.
SBasic for the 68000 Karl Lunt tells us about his recent enhancements to the SBASIC language.


Hot Links Here are this months list of interesting links. If you find a cool one, send it to us and we will add it to the list of Hot Links. This list will change each month.
Standard Technologies of the Seattle Robotics Society Just getting started? You might like to check out this link that documents some of the standard technologies that the Seattle Robotics Society suggests for those just starting out. This article explains a lot of different aspects about building a robot. Have a look!
Scheduled Events Here is a list of upcoming events and tech sessions
September 16th, 2000 Our regular monthly meeting
Monday Night Chat Every Monday Night, we have a chat session. Join us to talk robots, ask questions, or just hang out with the gang.


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