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Monday Night Chat

The Seattle Robotics Society has started a new tradition: The Monday Night Chat.

Starting at 7pm Pacific Daylight Time each monday, the SRS holds an informal chat session. This is a great opportunity to come ask live questions of the SRS members, seek help for technical problems, or just chat about stuff.


The chat requires that you use an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) program. Details on finding one are below.

For you experts, the chat is held on us.chatjunkies.org in the #SeattleRobotics group.

For Windows users:

  1. Get the mIRC program from http://www.mirc.com/get.html   Run its setup program. Start the mIRC program
  2. It will popup a small window titled mIRC Options. Click on the Connect listing in the 'Category box'. You should see a control that says IRC Servers with a set of small buttons down the right side (Add, Edit, Delete, Sort).
  3. Press the Add button to add a new entry. A small popup called mIRC Add Server should appear. Fill in the text boxes as follows.

    Description: SeattleRobotics
    IRC Server: us.chatjunkies.org
    Ports: 6667
    Group: #SRS
    There is no password.
  4. Click the Add button in this mIRC Add Server dialog.
  5. You have now returned to the mIRC Options window. You should see the edit boxes with IRC Servers: #SRS and a Seattle Robotics below it. There should also be a Connect to IRC Server.
  6. In the reset of the form, fill in your Name, Email Address. The Nickname is often your first name and initial. Please use a Nickname that identifies you to the rest of the group.
  7. Press the Connect to IRC server button in the middle of the dialog. This will connect you to the chat server. This has been known to take a few moments, up to a minute or so, depending on how busy the server is.
  8. Once connected, another popup will appear. You can type in #SeattleRobotics and press the join key. You can also go to the status window, and type /join #SeattleRobotics.
  9. If you are the first person for the night, you will be alone in the room! Thats OK, just wait for others to join. Be sure you have the correct spelling.

If you have problems, you should send mail to SeattleRobotics@egroups.com