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SRS Meeting: June 17, 2000.

Renton Technical College, Room H103

President: Ted Griebling erich@erich.seanet.com   VP/treasurer: Ron Provine ronprovine@telesphere.com   Secretary: Tom Dickens thomas.p.dickens@boeing.com  

New people today? About 2. Welcome! Attendance is about 60 plus. Ted gave one of the new members a robot he won at last month's NW Sumo contest. It was a Paralax GrowBot. Have fun and bring it back with your improvements.

New Renton Technical College policy concerning the room. They are starting to charge us for the room, starting today. $25 per hour from 10:00 to 12:00. We will take $1 donations today to cover today's cost. (thanks for your support). Ideas for a new meeting location. Needs to seat 50 to 75, with good parking. We also need to allow for robot contests, soldering, workshops, etc. We have a poll on eGroups to gather data, please check it out. http://www.egroups.com/polls/SeattleRobotics We discussed the UofW, and had lots of negative comments about access and parking costs. Ideally we would have a room for a 2 hour meeting, with a follow-on 2 hour time for contests and workshops. We also discussed alternate sources of funding which could cover the meeting costs. Considering other meeting places which charge hourly fees, the deal at Renton Technical College looks like a pretty good deal. Please keep the ideas coming in...

The SRS listserver has been moved to eGroups. It looks like a good move. Here is the process to get started with the SRS list at eGroups: Go to: http://www.egroups.com/group/SeattleRobotics   Click on the "subscribe" link and follow the instructions. Addresses:

Post message: SeattleRobotics@egroups.com

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Unsubscribe: SeattleRobotics-unsubscribe@egroups.com

List owner: SeattleRobotics-owner@egroups.com  

Elections: Ted has decided to defer his move to graduate school for a year, so he will be in Seattle for another year, but he thinks it is good time to have a new SRS president (and possibly other officers). President: Two members are interested in the position. Pete Miles - Wants to do more involving the community in the SRS contests and also to take our technology into the local schools. Wants to take Robothon a nation-wide premiere event, and coordinate more with other robot groups and contests.

Ron Nucci - One of the original founders of SRS (United Products days) back in '82. Has recently "retired" and is dedicating his time to full-time robotics work. He is interested in nailing down a 4-hour meeting room we can count on. He is also interested in encouraging more tech sessions, information lectures, etc.

votes: Ron was voted in by the majority of the SRS membership. Congratulations Ron! (Pete, this gives you more time to continue building your cool walking robots!) VP/Trasurer: Ron Provine - will continue on. Secretary: Tom Dickens - will continue on. Event Coordinator: Doug Kelly - will continue on.

Kevin: Brought in a "Robotic World" magazine, focuses on industrial robots. Kevin attended the Lindberg competition last month. This was well worth attending, we will track this for next year and get the word out earlier.

Marvin: Just had a competition in Portland (PARTS robotics) which involved a lot of schools. This is evolving into a twice-a-year event at OMSI. The contest was mini-sumo. They set up corporate sponsorship for 20 robot kits, plus other schools purchased kits. The robot kits are Marvin Slyders with BASIC stamps, servos, etc. Other robots were based on the Lego MindStorms. The average age of the students was 4th to 6th grade. http://www.solid-edge.com  has good 2D and 3D modeling SW. Sharp sensor, the size of a transistor, is a good locating (not distance) sensor. Model number IS471F. These are still hard to get. Marvin will try to carry them on his web-site, hopefully about $5 each. PARTS meetings are the first Saturday of each month, takes about 2.5 hours of driving fro Renton. It is well worth the drive! http://rdrop.com/~marvin

Karl: American Science and Surplus catalog has a great deal on a bag of double-sided tape for $2. Check them out, lots of great stuff. http://www.sciplus.com/ Brought in his "tackle bot", a robot built out of a large plastic fishing tackle box. He has recently added a video camera and a tether. Check it out after the meeting. Book: Brought in a few copies. The book should go into a second printing soon! Title: "Build Your Own Robot!" by Karl Lunt Paperback - 560 pages 1 edition (March 2000) A K Peters Ltd; ISBN: 1568811020 Also, SBASIC has been successfully converted to the 68332. Check it out!

Tom: Brought in a couple of catalogs for robotics parts, especially motors.

Paul: May Scientific American has an article on a small rover targeted for asteroids. Also brought in some gel-cell batteries, military surplus, from http://www.fairradio.com

Doug: Brought in a cool $10 robot from Michael's. Battery operated, mechanical, and walks up walls. Next Robothon: April 28th 2001. Start planning for it now!

Larry: Brought in the FIRST competition robot, and a video from the competition. Stuff to give away (Gameboy, BOTBoards servo guts, various electronics). See Larry after the meeting.

Jeff: Working on a line-maze robot. Will demo after the meeting. Has found a good source of 1/4" wide black tape, which will be the official tape for the line maze contests. Brought in a prototype board. Looks nice. See it after the meeting.

Frank: May issue of the "Electok Electronics" the electronics & computer magazine which he picked up in Canada. It has an article for building your own sensors for the Lego MindStorm. See: http://www.elektor-electronics.co.uk Mechano (Erector sets) has been bought by Neco (R/C car fame). Look for interesting new kits later in the year.

Kenneth: 68332 kits. Has some available. See him after the meeting.

Pat: Dot matrix printer to give away, free after the meeting.

Gary: Has an old PC monitor to give away.

Terry: Catalogs for the taking.

Jeff: Started robotics late last year. He has mini-sumo robot put together (from scratch), HC12 processor, SBASIC program, used Kevin's articles, 2 Sharp sensors, 2 line detectors, wide hollow wheels (very cool). He thanks the SRS members, and all of the SRS listserver support, to help out during building this up. He highly recommends starting out with the mini-sumo as a first robot. There are a lot of resources and off-the-shelf components.

Pete: Put together a Robothon video, about an hour and a half long. Not all competitions were covered in the video (we need to plan this for next time!). He is looking into getting tapes reproduced, stay tuned for more information. Brought in a walking mini-sumo, which actually won a match in the NW sumo contest.

July 2nd (Sunday at 11:00), KCTS will be broadcasting the RobotWars competition, and will continue once-a-week.

Great meeting, lots of demos to see...And then see you at GodFathers...