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SRS Meeting: July 15, 2000.

Renton Technical College, Room H102.

President: Ron Nucci VP/treasurer: Ron Provine ronprovine@telesphere.com Secretary: Tom Dickens thomas.p.dickens@boeing.com

New people today? About 6. Welcome! Attendance is about 60 plus.

Room: Only about 45 chairs, 6 tables and no white board! Not what we need to run an SRS meeting. Plus, with the new RTC policy, the doors were not opened until 10:00 sharp (with 60 people in the hallway waiting, starting to gather fro 9:30). We did discover a side-room with tables and chairs that were able to use for the meeting.

New room location?: Still looking, we'll keep the group posted on what we find.

Robothon: April 28, 2001 at the Seattle Center house. SRS eGroups polls: There are currently 4 active SRS polls on eGroups to find out about your involvement at Robothon 2001: http://www.egroups.com/polls/SeattleRobotics

Please take a look at them and cast your vote, the SRS Robothon committee will look closely at the results for our planning/ It was suggested having a new Robothon contest category which would encourage having interactive displays running the entire day

Line following maze contest today at 11:30.

Ron N.: Latest Circuit Cellar magazine, lot's of good Robot information. Also, a new Robot dog for $35, found at KB toys. Tekno the robotic puppy www.tekno-robot.com . All 4 legs are geared together with a single motor, but there is plenty of room inside for hacking and modification. He also brought in a little $12 robot dog that runs around. Then he brought out 2 lost-in-space robot, a small 8" one, and a large 24" tall one ($80 at KB toys) which he is hacking into a very interesting robot. He is controlling it using a VCR remote-control. Very cool! Many of his modifications use modules and software from http://www.basicX.com.

6 legged robot from Quebec, modeled from the cockroach. Will use a 6-CPU 68HC11 board for the robot, programmed using SBASIC. It uses TS-80 servos. Very nice mechanics on the legs! Looking forward to seeing the finished robot, it will be very impressive! He will put together web-site detailing the robot.

Karl: Had a book signing this week at Barnes&Nobel in Bellevue; a good crowd showed up.

Gene: GEAR campout is coming. He will have demos on metal casting. You do not need to stay the entire time, just come up for the day if you can. Date August 28-30 at the South Widbey state park. Camping available, and also local hotels close by if you want.

Gary: Brought in his new insect robot; a 6-legged 68HC11 testbed using only 3 servos. He is experimenting with these ideas to feed into a "real" robot.

Ron P.: SRS t-shirts, a few from Robothon 1999 still available (only about 40 left). Reduced price is only $10. Motor catalog from Maxon ( www.mpm.maxonmotor.com  )

Jeff: A small robot "Jeffrey" using a BOTBoard-plus. It is configured for the maze contest (but not quite programmed). It uses about 700 lines of SBASIC code.

Tom: Brought in a non-working maze robot. It is built from a BOTBoard-plus, 4 AA batteries, the Tamiya twin-motor gearbox, and an 8-sensor line-detector. Look for an upcoming Encoder article on it. http://www.RobotStore.com/bin2/hazel.exe?client=30608666&action=serve&item=mechanical/gear_kits.html

Lee: Information for hacking model servo motors, plus information on the NE544/644 and M51660L controller chips. Look for a future SRS Encoder article.

Doug: MindStorms robot for the maze contest. He modified it to multi-plex in sensor inputs to run multiple sensors, hacked together with a proto-type board and alligator clips. The O'Reilly "Unofficial Lego MindStorms Book" is a good reference and has a CD and good web links to look at. He is programming directly into the MindStorms, bypassing the high-level language, to get much more capability and options with his programs. There are good references (in the book and the web) on how to do this. Also brought in some battery information.

Pete: Brought in simple mini-sumo ring out of plywood. Good example of what you can build yourself.

Larry: Built a RC-servo to PWM circuit (an Atmel AVR chip). For this you can take any DC motor and easily control the speed. He will demo it after the meeting. Look for an upcoming Encoder article on it.

Mark: Another non-working line-follower, servos and his 68332 board.

Doug: A line following robot based on a Marvin Slyder robot. He learned that if you put too much current into LEDs, they stop working! He detailed some the the programming algorithms.

Sony IR remote decoding for a GrowBot2 from Paralax. He got a lot of good help and information from the SRS list-server to get this up and running.

There is a new list-server called "project-borg" on eGroups also see http://www.projectborg.org/

Great meeting, and fun (but small) Maze contest. We will bring in the line-maze next month to give some of these robots a chance... And then see you at GodFathers...