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SRS Meeting: April 15, 2000. Renton Technical College, Room J314.

President: Ted Griebling erich@erich.seanet.com VP/treasurer: Ron Provine ronprovine@telesphere.com Secretary: Tom Dickens thomas.p.dickens@boeing.com

New people today? A few. Welcome! Attendance is about 48 plus.

New Renton Technical College policy: We need to (starting next meeting) fill out form (one for everyone) to let RTC know who is on their campus; this is for tax purposes for the college.

Ted is looking into graduate school (UofW or Georgia Tech) mechanical engineering major, starting in the fall. Thus it would be timely to elect a new SRS president, and possibly all new officers.

Karl: Book status: They are in, he has a pile of books for members. He is really happy with how it turned out. You can order the book from online web bookstores, or directly from Karl. See Karls web-site at: http://www.seanet.com/~karllunt Initial printing is 3500, and half are already gone! Way to go Karl!

Kevin Ross, will show a video from the FIRST competition at the end of the meeting.

Dan: Robot motors; Dan does a lot of ordering, and found a nice small motor from R. P. Jones (http://www.MPJA.com) $6.95, with a 90-degree gearhead which gives you 100 RPM at 6 volts. Also, at http://www.ids.nist.gov has information on speech recognition SW. Check it out if you're interested. There is also a wealth of good interesting things on the nist web-site.

Paul: Book - Is setting up a web-page and found the book "Web Style Guide". This book had excellent information on the differences of formats, platforms, etc. Very nice.

Karl: Pick up your signed books from Karl today if you pre-ordered. Re-PC, he picked up a $10 (large) laptop '286 or '386 which he uses for 68HC11 programming. Nice! Also, SBASIC is almost running on the 68000 platform (targeted for the 68332)--stay tuned.

Kevin: Has been working on the FIRST competition, see the video after the meeting. Kevin has a DB-9 BOTBoard cable (with internal board in the DB-9 shell). He has a new version (made from Advanced Circuits http://www.4pcb.com). The kits are $14 for the cable, assembled for about $20. These work nice with the BOTBoard and BOTBoard+. Visit Kevin's web-site for his robotics products, and remember that all proceeds go to support the SRS web-page and list server.

Web: we are reordering the SRS web-page will try to register Robothon.com and Robothon.org.

Doug: Next Robothon is April 28, 2001, at the Seattle Center Flag Pavilion. Start preparing now, and stay tuned for the Robothon web-page. New contests: 1) MicroMouse, per the IEEE rules. 2) Robot Soccer. Rules are still in the works. 3) Robot Line Maze. For the first time, the maze will be a simple tree (no loop backs). See the on-line rules which we will be developing.

Jeff: Has been very active on the SRS list server talking about vision. He brought in a few finds from Vetco; motors and also mirrors.

Ryan: Building a large robotic elephant (to pick up Sony robot dogs). He brought in a prototype of a foot assembly. Clear Plexiglas, round pad about 4" in diameter, with a servo. It has a front/back pressure sensor which can level the foot to the ground automatically (very cool!). The sensors use the black resistive foam sandwiched between copper plates. He has a problem with these pressure sensors getting mashed. It was suggested to look into robot snake projects for ideas on the elephant's trunk.

Greg: Got an Axiom (sp?) board (68HC11 based). He has re-wired it to be like a BOTBoard and is starting to get it up and running. He is planning to use Interactive C and is looking for contacts who have experience with it. A few SRS members has experience and provided Greg some good advice.

Larry: Dilbert the robot - he made a printer circuit board (AP circuits) from Dilbert and has a sample of it. It uses the ATMEL 8545 processor and has lots of other devices on the board.

Ron: New York Times article, Japan is working on robotic jelly-fish, fish, crabs. Also, a good source for pager motors, Electronic Goldmine has a bunch for about $1 each.

Doug: April 9 Seattle times has a Lego Mindstorm article, stating the Mindstorm sells has saved Lego, who's sales had been falls the past few years.

Garrett: He brought in a home-build electronic drum using a BOTBoard, piezo sensor, etc. Very cool!

Lance: Smithsonian Feb. 2000, has an article (author Paul Trachtman) about a Tilden walking robot which uses transistors as neurons to control the robot using a neural net brain for control. See beamtech web-site for more Tilden robots and information.

Fast meeting, now on to the FIRST video... The SRS First team (team 360, robot name "Rainmaker 1") finished 3rd in the regional (out of 45) in San Jose and also got the "best offense" award, 27th in the finals (out of 280+) at the Epcot center in Florida. The video was recorded from NASA-TV. Thanks for bringing it in Kevin, very inspiring!

After the FIRST video, and sharing of information from Kevin, Larry, and Ryan, many SRS members were very excited about the possibility of having a regional FIRST event next year in Seattle. We will coordinate a concentrated effort to make this a reality. Stay tuned in future meetings for more details...

Great meeting, see you at GodFathers...