August 1999

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The BallBot Project

Minutes from July meeting


Scheduled Events Here is a list of upcoming events and tech sessions
August 21st, 1999 Our regular monthly meeting
October 23rd, 1999 Robothon '99 - Our big robotics show and contest!

Quick Notes Interesting bits of news and trivia
Authors Needed! The Encoder is actively seeking authors to help write the Encoder. The key to growing in this hobby is communicating your experiences to others. The Seattle Robotics Society Encoder is one of the premier resources for amateur robotics on the Internet. Each issue is read by thousands of people around the world. Please consider sharing ideas with us. Check out The Encoder Writers Guide for information about how you can help spread the excitement!

Hot Links Here are this months list of interesting links. If you find a cool one, send it to us and we will add it to the list of Hot Links. This list will change each month.
Standard Technologies of the Seattle Robotics Society Just getting started? You might like to check out this link that documents some of the standard technologies that the Seattle Robotics Society suggests for those just starting out. This article explains a lot of different aspects about building a robot. Have a look!

Just a line to let you know of new software I have written, thought you may be interested because of the support for Pic chip asm files. It is a programmers editor. Allows you to write pic asm files with syntax highlighting. It has support for most other programming languages as well. Plus any syntax highlighted file loaded into SMG Programmers Editor can be directly exported as either a html web page, or a Rtf file for inclusion in Windows Help files, or Microsoft Word or WordPad.

Mike Austin Shooting Star Technology manufactures the CBX and CBX-3d Digital Position Readout for lathes and milling machines.  This is a low cost digital readout which has achieved wide acceptance in the machining world.  The relevance of our product to robotics is that every roboticist, sooner or later, builds some mechanical parts, either in a small home machine shop, or in a commercial shop, and digital readouts on machine tools are very desirable. Some interesting information on circuits and robotics.

For information about submissions or comments about the online Encoder, contact Kevin Ross