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The meeting opened at 10 AM by Vice President Karl Lunt There were 39 members present. Karl Lunt talked about broadcasting our SRS meeting over the internet. There was general support idea . We could use See U See Me as the video program for world wide web . John Buchman volunteered to serve as the focal point. jbuckman@eldec.com

There was a discussion about the offices and the candidates for the positions. Ted was approved as President. Ron Provine is the new vice President and Treasurer. Tom Dickens will be the new Secretary.

Frank Hames talked about try www.cadsoft.com. The Eagle lite PCB/ schematic capture program seem seems to work well. The program in the demo form is limited to 4X3.5 boards. It is a great program.

Ted gave away a bag of balls that are parts that fit in a valve. They are 3/4 steel ball Doug talked about the Lego Mindstorm kit. He talked about the sensor to determine position.

Caleb talked about his little robot using a breadboard for a chassis. It uses a basic stamp 2 a nine volt battery and hacked servos. It is simple and easy to use.

Scott brought his mindstorm kit that he bought at Bellevue Toy R Us. There is a newsgroup at crynwr.com/lego-robotics.

Karl Lunt talked about writing a book. He was looking for information about contracts.

Gary talked about TQ for tabletop terror. A very simple robot uses a 68HC11 E1 chip.

There was a discussion about pager motors.

Garrett talked about some chips that the got from Maxim. He talked about a/d converters. Jim talked about XY matrix pressure sensitive switches. He got them at Radar.

Steve talked about an article about using the parallel port. He also showed a little wheeled base that fits the mini sumo profile for $4.

Randy showed his robot designed to pick up foam blocks. Really runs great.

Kelly talked about his RF link to his robot which uses a neural network. see www.kellys.org . There was a discusssion about RF links.

V/R Dan Mauch