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My homework was late because...

By Kevin Ross

I would really like to thank all everyone for having a little patience over the past couple of months. Due to some scheduling problems, I was unable to get the Encoder published for the past couple of months. Hopefully, we are back online for a while!

A lot has happened in the Seattle Robotics Society since our last issue. Biggest, and most importantly, is that we finally held elections for new officers. Karl, Dan, and I had been officers for so long that I am not sure anyone actually remembers when the election was!

We had some members that swear it was sometime in 1996. Others thought it could have been as early as spring of 1995. I, for one, was pretty sure the date was pre-historic. Well, I think I found evidence that the previous elections were held in September of 1994, though it could have been in the spring sometime. I know I was president in at least December 1994, because I found an old paper version of the Encoder that has that date. I know that the elections where held on a very warm day at North Seattle Community College. If anyone knows the actual date (+/- a month), please send me some mail so we can have an official record.

We are all very excited to see some new leadership take over the Seattle Robotics Society. Into the lead role steps none other than Ted Gribeling  erich@erich.seanet.com who has been a member for a while. Ted did a great job competing in the Trinity Firefighting Robot contest, and we are looking forward to seeing what sorts of things he will accomplish with the group.

In the VP/Treasurer role, we have Ron Provine. Ron is another very long time member of the SRS. Ron does quite a bit of work and research with kids and robotics, and he always keeps up on the current technologies.

The position of Secretary is in the capable hands of Tom Dickens. Tom has served many roles with the Seattle Robotics Society, including Editor of the Encoder, inventor extraordinare, and all around good guy.

The other extremely important position to be filled is Editor of the Encoder. Richard Johnson, a local member, has stepped up to the plate and offered to take over my post as editor. Rich is an engineer at Boeing, and is very gracious for taking on the one job for the SRS that actually has work associated with it! Rich and I will be acting as co-editors for a while until I get him up to speed on how all of this stuff works.

These 4 guys should be applauded for stepping forward to help run the group!