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Seattle Robotics Society Meeting Minutes of June 6, 1998

The meeting was opened by Kevin Ross at 10AM.

There were 38 members present.

The treasury report has not changed since last meeting.

Karl Lunt talked about the Discovery Magazine that has an article about the latest in robotics design. He discussed the article about a robot that was grafted into the neural network of a cockroach. He also talked about robotics surgery. Amazing stuff.

Kevin Ross talked about having an election in September. The present officers have been in place for several years and its time for some new officers to step forward and run SRS.

We are supposed to have a fire fighting contest in August but the guy that was running it was not present at the meeting.

Karl Lunt said that Mondotronics will have a show in second or third week of August in Seattle.

Dan Mauch talked about the Pic Servo and the Boeing surplus stuff. The PIC servo amplifier and documentation can be found at http://www.jrkerrr.com.

Boeing has lowered the price of their 486-67 MHZ Dell computer with 200 megabyte hard drive, 3-1/4 floppy, 4 meg RAM 2 serial ports one parallel port a PS2 mouse and a video jack to $50.

Paul talked about some neat parts that he got from the copy machine service man. The are nice rubber covered wheels. He plans to use it for a robot.

Frank Hames talked about some motors that he bought from Vetco that have a tachometer feed back.

Jim Talh talked about making panelized pc boards. There were suggestions how he could use autotrax to do that.

Dave talked about the science fiction group that is sponsoring a Robotics Lunar Rover contest.

Jeff Talked about and showed his new robot that uses a bot board 2. Neat.

John Curry talked about a bot board that the seniors high school students put together.

Kevin Ross provided a lot of help.

Bill Harrison talked about Mondotronics. He talked about the I2C buss and his Domino development board .

Doug talked about Amazon.com and his project which uses a muscle wire from Mondotronics.

Dun talked about tooth bot as a platform with a basic stamp 2 , a radio shack breadboard. and a couple futaba servos. It was designed as a sensor platform. He also mentioned the FT639 http://www.ferrrettronics.com sells a servo controller that is relatively cheap. The chip will control 5 servos. The starter kit is $29.95 He did a pretty neat demo.

Ted talked about his inverted pendulum project. He is looking for some help with an op amp. He had a really great demo of his circuit that uses a motor for a feedback to another motor. pretty slick.

John gave away some books.

Caleb showed a lego robot bar tender. It is designed to refill a glasss. It is not finished but he wants to use IR or sound to detect a request for a drink.


Daniel R. Mauch