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The meeting opened at 10 am by President Kevin Ross There were 47 members present.

Kevin reminded everyone thet there will be elections in September.

Renton River Days for Robothon fell through so the Robothon may have to be postoned until September. Kevin said he would have to look into a new date.

GEAR is in jeopardy. No one has stepped up to get it organized.

Dan Mauch talked about a program called paraport.zip that is a great program for teachers to show how computers can control various devises. He will post that on the Encoder.

Lance talked about thrust bearings. There was a discussion about thrust bearing types including needle thrust bearings, ball thrust bearing and UHMWP ( Ultra high molectular weight polyethelene. He talked about a Chinese made cheap lathe and the problem that he had with aligning the tail stock to the headstock.

Frank showed a latex mold that he made from a a clay image of a cool cat that he wants to make a robot out of it. He want to make it walk, smoke and talk.

Bob Nansel talked about breadbot that uses a breadboard. He talked about a wire bender for bending piano wire for the from wheel. He also talked about using the prallax basic stamp for running simple programs. www.sistudio.com www.dontronincs.com have bulk simmstick boards .The pic3 board takes the 28 pin pics. The pic4 takes 40 pin PICs

Garret showed his mini sumo.

Bill Wainwright billmw@isomedia.com showed a pc board that he millled. He can mill from a hg-gl file.

Bill Harrison talked about cybug that are avaible from Active Electronics. He talked about how educational that kit is. The web site is www.cybug.home.com. Bill talked about the Micro chip seminar that cost $40 which weas held in Bevelvue .He talked about the programmer and all the stuff you get at the seminar.

Randy Carter talked about the Trinity Contest rules and showed his Victor robot.

Ron Provine talked about a relay board for a pneumatic controls. They are TTL contpatible. Price is $40 . Looks great for a animated robots. Ron talked about an animal deterent PIR from elctronics goldmine The relay for is from Allectronics.

Randy Sargent invited everyone to Neuton Labs for an open house and Pizza.

Kevin Ross talked about a cheap progammer. He also taked about Plab that supports a simulator.

V/R Dan Mauch