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By Chuck Curry

The Robot Science and Technology magazine and the Parallax company are offering a great BASIC Stamp startup package. For only $59 (plus $5 S&H) they are offering their BASICS Bundle Book (#27801) during July and August, 1998. It is advertised as a 40% saving (~$39), approximately the cost of the book. If you already have the BASIC Stamp and cable, the book and CD are probably still worth the $34.95 price.


The offer includes:

1. "Programming and Customizing the BASIC Stamp Computer" by Scott Edwards,

2. A CD of BASIC Stamp information and software,

3. A BASIC Stamp, Version D and

4. A Programming cable.

This combination permits a beginner to learn the BASIC Stamp step by step with the guidance of Scott Edwards, STAMP guru, who wrote the Nuts & Volts magazine Stamp Applications Column.


The book contains four introductory chapters on the BASIC Stamp, Electronic Foundations and Building Electronic Circuits.

The next three chapters describe how to connect the BASIC Stamp to a PC and introduction to programming the BASIC Stamp including simple I/O and timing delays.

The remaining chapters contain Stamp projects. For each project there are instructions for constructing the hardware, listings of the software and a parts list.

There are four projects for the BASIC Stamp 1:

(a) Rotating text display (using Tinkertoys), (b) Traffic light simulator, (c) Robotic bug with whisker sensors and (d). Time and temperature display.

There are also four chapters of projects for the BASIC Stamp 2 (Not included in the package):

(a) Data-logging thermometer, (b) Remote control using the X-10 system, (c) Short-range sonar and (d) Network terminal with keypad and display.

The book is concluded with seven useful appendices:

(a) Reference guides for the BASIC Stamp 1 and 2, (b) An introduction to numbering systems, integer math and boolean logic, (c) Electronic calculations and Stamp-related circuits, (d) Bug-hunting guide (troubleshooting hints), (e) List of sources for electronic components, (f) Suggested reading and (g) A glossary.


The CD contents listed below are identified in the README.TXT file:

(a) Adobe Acrobat software to read items b,g and h below. (b) Three years of Scott Edwards Stamp Applications column from Nuts & Volts magazine. (c) BASIC Stamp 1 DOS host software and the longer Stamp 1 programs from the book. (d) PBASIC programs from applications notes for the BASIC Stamp 1. (e) BASIC Stamp 2 DOS host software and the longer Stamp 2 programs from the book. (f) PBASIC programs from applications notes for the BASIC Stamp 2. (g) The 450 page Parallax manual for the BASIC Stamps 1 & 2. (h) A catalog of Stamp related products provided by Scott Edwards' company.


This package is a great introduction to the BASIC Stamp and as a bonus includes a robotic project.


The offer for BASICS Bundle Book package, #27801, at $59 (plus $5 S&H)is valid for July and August 1998.

This package can be ordered via email from the www.robotmag.com webpage or directly by telephone at: 1-888-512-1024.

If ordering by telephone, you are expected to refer to the "Robot Science & Technology" magazine.

NOTE: If ordering the book alone, it is:

"Programming and Customizing the BASIC Stamp Computer" by Scott Edwards published by McGraw-hill ISBN 0-070913684-2 $35.95