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The meeting opened at 10 am by President Kevin Ross. There were 37 members present. Kevin reminded everyone that there will be elections in September. There was a discussion of the duties of the President , vice president and secretary.

Ted is a candidate for President. We still need a volunteer for vice president/tresurer and a secretary.

Kevin did a presentation at the Kendricks art museum. It was working with kids showing robot videos and showing artbot.

Karl Lunt talked about the ATMEL server and the motorola software. Seee www.atmel.com. He discussed the Eagle Cad Soft demo cad program. It is not time limited but it is very powerful. It can only do 3"X 4" pcbs. It has a great autorouter. You will have to find the web site at http://www.CadsoftUSA.com

Modotronics is having an exhibition at the Embassy Room next week They are looking for volunteer. The are giving volunteers a Tee shirt or $50 gift certificates.

Dan Mauch showed off A Digital Read. It is has a linear encoder with a mylar strip It comes in lengths to 36" .

Lance showed off a beautiful miniature knuckle joint for animating a robot or for Animatronic. He uses 1/8 tubing.

Bill Harrison showed off a little robot his daughter built. It is a light follower He also talked about Bob Nansels articles in Nuts and volts. He talked about the SIMM STICK from DONTRONICS that have great little circuit boards for little robots He talked about the upcomming contest in San Francisco in September. Contact Bill if you want to have him take your mini robot to the contest.

Ron Provine talked about the AIII contest and the web belts that they used for driving the robot. He talked about he lego mind storm tour. He talked about a little robot with an arm. He talked about the sony robofest. It is very sophisticated. Ron also mentioned that there was a pryro detector that would go with his rug warrior.

Garrett showed a ion driver but it needs some help in that he need a 4kv power supply. There was a discussion about the aerial contest in Richland. The object of the contest was to have a method to fly to a site and find moving victims and avoid obstacles and fire. A natural disaster. The robot had to fly to the site, surveys the scene determine status of victims and obstacle then relay that information back. There was not much success because the temperature was so hot. The asphalt was 135F He showed his fire fighting contest that uses sonar to find the walls. It uses the MIT handyboard the polaroid sensor .

Dan also showed a H bridge that is rated at 25 amps from the classified ads in nuts and volts for the price $25 it is a great deal.

V/R Dan Mauch