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Robot Sumo Tournament Results

We had a great Robot Sumo Tournament this year. Fifteen working Sumos showed up to compete, head on head. Contestants came from Portland and as far away as San Francisco, not to mention all the Seattle area entrants. It was a great show.

Six robots failed to qualify, but one of them entered and won first place anyway (Not Again, mini)! By placing 3rd or better and beating out another qualified Sumo, Not Again gets an automatic qualification.

Only exhibition robots showed up for the light weight class, so it's prizes were given, by drawing, to those that qualified and didn't win a prize. This was the last official light weight Robot Sumo contest for the Northwest Robot Sumo Tournament, but it seems that it won't be missed much judging by the turnout. The heavy-weight class has been renamed the "Japanese" class, since it was brought to our attention that 3 kg wasn't heavy in other contests (there are heavier Robot Sumos out there :-) ). So the Northwest Robot Sumo Tournament will still have the Mini-Sumo and the Japanese classes in future contests (as well as the "freestyle" class).

Ranking for the Japanese class Robot Sumo (old name:Heavy-Weight Robot Sumo):

First place Leo entered by Tom Dickens

Second place Blackbird entered by Thomas Dickens

Third place none

Rankings for the mini class Robot Sumo:

First place Not again entered by Kevin Fahl (San Francisco)

Second place Herman entered by Daylan Darby

Third place Mini entered by Robert Jorgenson

There were several robots entered in the freestyle class for exibition only (mine amongst them). This class wasn't ranked (as it's only for show).

Prizes for the contest were: For first place in each class (except freestyle) was a Basic WZRD kit provided by Sine Robotics. For Second place in each class was a Marvin Green Slyder base kit provided by Sine Robotics. Ribbons were awarded to the top three places in each class. And for the achievement of all builders that succeeded at qualifying, they were awarded a certificate of recognition.

I want to thank Renton Technical College for providing the space, the Seattle Robotics Society, all those that helped with the event, the huge effort put out by all the robot builders (including all those that didn't quite make it), and the enthusiastic audience to root on the contestants. See you all next spring, and at the Seattle Robotics Societies Robothon this summer.

Cheers, Bill Harrison