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Pictures from the May 1998 meeting

mvc-001f.jpg (10576 bytes)

Shown here is MC2, which is Ted Grieblings new entrant to the Fire Fighting Robot Contest.

mvc-008f.jpg (14246 bytes)

LC took a respectable 6th place in this years Trinity College Fire fighting robot contest!

mvc-003f.jpg (9127 bytes)

Ted Griebling (left) and Gary Teachout (right) placed 3rd and 6th respectively at Trinity College this year.

mvc-013f.jpg (6028 bytes)

Here is a first attempt at a mini-sumo robot from a member.

mvc-015f.jpg (10404 bytes)

Dan DeGard shows off a TuteBot from the Mobile Robotics book

mvc-018f.jpg (8788 bytes)

Kenneth Maxon shows off a Digital Readout board for a milling machine that he and Dan Mauch are working on.

mvc-019f.jpg (9580 bytes)

Isa Harrison shows off some of her fine creations.

mvc-020f.jpg (10337 bytes)

mvc-108f.jpg (7458 bytes)