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The FIRST-98 regional competition in Chicago, Illinois

Photography courtesy of Mark Wright

Here are additional pictures for FIRST-98 to accompany the article The FIRST Competition

first1.jpg (14438 bytes)

Bio-Beast II (13) and The Boss (24) battle it out

first4.jpg (16302 bytes)

More Bomb Squad action

first7.jpg (16060 bytes)

Hot team's HOTbot (67) against the Red Knight's WAWD (barely visible)

first8.jpg (13537 bytes)

HOTbot gets help from human team mate.

first10.jpg (15672 bytes)

Sage warrior's RTR98 in action

first11.jpg (17448 bytes)

Deep Thunder!

first12.jpg (14136 bytes)

<ROBOT UNKNOWN> It's got eyes!

first14.jpg (18283 bytes)


first15.jpg (15931 bytes)

Team Robotic's Sphere This

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