ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Steven D. Kaehler is a 1993 suma cum laude graduate of Cogswell College North (now Henry Cogswell College) in Kirkland, Washington and is currently employed as an electrical engineer with the Boeing Company in Seattle WA. He has over 13 years of combined technical and engineering experience in static fatigue, environmental, and fuel systems test, measurement, and control. He has worked for the Environmental Test Laboratories organization of Boeing's Defense and Space Group (BD&SG now ISDS) in Kent, WA and currently works in the Propulsion Instrumentation division of the Airplane Systems Labs (ASL) organization of Boeing's Commercial Airplane Group (BCAG) at Boeing Field. He specializes in the design, construction, and operation of custom test instrumentation and control systems and dabbles in robotics for fun.

The Boeing Company
P.O. Box 3707 M/S 17-PA
Seattle, WA 98124
Voice: (206) 655-3921
Email: steven.d.kaehler@boeing.com

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