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Meeting Minutes for Sept 20th, 1997

The meeting was opened by Vice President Karl Lunt in the absence of Kevin Ross There were 41 members present.

Karl Lunt announced that SRS will host the North-west regional Robot Fire-Fighting contest on the 3rd Saturday of March, at RTC. The winner of this regional event will receive subsidization of air-fare to participate in the national event, held in mid-April in Connecticut. A trial run of the event will take place on the 3rd Saturday of February at the SRS meeting. Additionally, the contest layout will be available for participants to use during the 2nd Saturdays of February and March, also at RTC. Contact Kevin Ross for full details on the above information.

Keith Payea requested that part of the grand maze be used for the fire fighting contest. It would require cutting the sides down to 18" There was no disagreement.

Karl Lunt indicated that there was $1400 in the SRS treasury.

Karl Talked about a his GUI for robots he has uploaded to his web site at http://www.seanet.com/~karllunt. He talked about the serial interface for the 68HC11.

Karl talked about the New Micro's Microcontroller for $225 It is very complete and has all the bells and whistles.

Keith Payea talked about a new hobby town on the east side. He said that Radar Electric has a new industrial store up on Western. It is actually on Elliot by the bridge. He had some data books to give away.

There was a discussion about a larger room. Karl Lunt said he would take it for action.

Keith talked about the vision front end for a robot. He has been gaining on it and has some of the other parts breadboarded. He is making progress.

Frank Hames mentioned that Lindsay Publications (815-935-5353) has a nice injection molding machine. Frank talked about maybe a new location for GEAR. Dick Martin mentioned Parker Knessis park as an alternate site. They have good group sites. There was a discussion about having a modified Gear for winter where we have an indoor day of Robots. There was a discussion about having the next Robothon in January 1998. Kevin will work with others to come up with the events that will be scheduled.

Randy showed off Victor which was designed for the UW foam block contest. The chips are from PMD . The MC1401A will control 4 axis. The cost is $200 They also make a stepper motor controller. Randy did a beautiful job on Victor. His mechanics and electronics is very nicely done. He demonstrated the servo drive. It was neat.

Bill Bailey talked about using stepper motors drivers. He mentioned that there is a another way of connecting his drivers so that it runs smoother. See Bill for details.

There was a discussion about stepper motor speed.

Tony Russi is interested in a flying robots.. The meeting is at 7:30 at the museum of Flight on the second Saturday of the month. It is called the National Space society. Email him at weindski@eskimo.com if you are interested or http://www.aol.com/members.c/vansil for more info.

Paul talked about his PIC microcontroller he uses to controll the height of a ball suspended on a column of air provided by a small blower. He can control the height. A ultrasonic sensor detect the position and signals the controller with the updated info which adjust the blower air flow.. It worked very well. . Pretty neat.

Garret talked about his newer faster little robot that uses moves with one robot It ran great.

If you need information on an obsolete scope try http://www.manualplus.com

V/R Dan Mauch

Secretary SRS