October 1997

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Programming the 68HC12

Meeting Minutes for Sept 20th, 1997

Northwest Regional Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest

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Sorry, there isn't a Basics column this month!

Check back next month.

Scheduled Events   Here is a list of upcoming events and tech sessions
October 18th, 1997   We plan on having a great October meeting. We are having our first big tech session of the year. Bring your toys, and lets spend a couple of hours in the afternoon getting some robots built. We will order out for lunch.

Quick Notes   Interesting bits of news and trivia
68HC11E2's for sale   Everyone has been looking for them! Kevin Ross has purchased a tube of new 68HC11E2 chips, which are the version with 2k of EEPROM. He is selling these for $18.00 each, including sales tax. Shipping costs $3.00 per order. If you are interested, send mail to kevinro@nwlink.com, check out http://www.nwlink.com/~kevinro/products.html , or ask about them at the next SRS meeting.

Hot Links   Here are this months list of interesting links. If you find a cool one, send it to us and we will add it to the list of Hot Links. This list will change each month.
Mars Pathfinder Microrover Control & Navigation Subsystem   A great description of the Mars Lander

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