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The internet is a fanastic source of great information about Robotics. Sometimes, it is worth spending a few hours searching the net for particular subjects. I do this often, and have decided to record my web based research to share with others. I have slogged my way through some of the internet search engines to pick out what seems to be good solid candidates for you to check out. I hope you will find this very useful.

Stepper Motors

I found some really great information on the net about the theory and operation of stepper motors. Here are some great sites on the subject:

Jones on Stepping Motors - Douglas W Jones has put together a great set of information about the principles of stepping motor and their control systems.

Basic Stepper Motor Concepts - Tony Mercer's Basic Stepper motor concepts - A tutorial on basic electromagnetism and how it applies to stepper motors.

Stepper Motors - A great page with links and great example projects

STEPPER MOTOR Information and Technical Forum Even more information on the subject, including a discussion forum.

Electronics on the Web Issue#1 - A good article about controlling motors in general using a BASIC Stamp

Servo Motors

Servo motor information is a little tricky to find on the net. You can find lots of information, but most of it is commercial sized, ie really big! Here are some links about smaller motors.

Whats a servo: A quick tutorial A local file explaining what a servo is

How to modify a servo Instructions on how to hack a servo motor so it becomes a nice little gearhead motor.


What else do you want to know? Send me mail and ask away. Kevin Ross