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Meeting Minutes for July 19th

SRS President Kevin Ross opened the meeting at 10 AM. 38 Members were present which is the best attendance for a mid summer meeting.

Kevin Ross

President, SRS

Kevin and the membership discussed the Mars Lander and the Rover. There was quite a discussion about the Rover's performance and the fantastic data a pictures the space craft has sent back.

Members at the July Meeting

Kevin talked about 68HC11E2 he has for sale $18 each, L293D chips for SRS members are $3.50 each. He also has the 68HC12A4 chips for $20. The assembler and Sbasic are on the web for this chip. Kevin's email address is www.nwlink.com/`kevinro

Karl Lunt talked about his tackle box robot. It uses a fishing tackle box. It is really a net base for a robot.

He also discussed the newest version of the Rug Warrior. He is building one for evaluation and a N&V article.

Karl, Kevin and Keith discussed a video joint venture using those inexpensive video cameras. More to follow.

Dan Mauch showed off some 8020 extrusions for a CNC wood lathe. 8020 INC has a nice selection of extrusion that would be great for robot bases. He will have some for the next meeting. Dan also discussed a CNC device for wood lathes.

Dan Mauch described his CNC wood lathe

Bill Bailey talked about his stepper motor driver boards and their uses in robots. He has a nice kit that he sell that is worth the price.

Marvin Green showed off a digital camera for $100. It takes good digital pictures.

He talked about a mini sumo kit where he designed the board, Karl did the software and Bill Harrison did the hardware. He talked about the solar roller and the photo popper.

Garrett Myrick, one of our younger members , showed off a motor operated legged robot. It really ran nice.

Garrett Myrick shows off his single actuator walking robot in front of a stunned and envious crowd!

Bill Harrison talked about Robotics Digest Magazine. The publisher is having a little problem getting started.

Bill talked about the SF Robotics Society and their 80 page newsletter (hint, hint)

He talked about his mini sumo kit that he will sell for $15 but SRS members can buy them for $10. Really neat.

Paul talked about the Mars Rover and was interested in the Laser Stripping navigation system. Kevin gave a good explanation how it worked.

Ron Provine talked about the article about robotics in the National Geographic.

The next G.E.A.R. is 7-11 August at South Whidby Island State park.

Lance showed off some honeycomb aircraft decking . He was selling them for $50 each. He also discussed a couple methods for blowing up air mattresses for the GEAR. Richard Everett talked about a low cost Radio Shack nicad and charger. He talked about 50 drill bits for $5. from Boeing Surplus. He also showed a planetary gear.

Randy Carter brought his latest robot.

Tom Dicken Talked about showed off his 4 chip 68HC11E1 boards for $70. It has 4 processors.

The meeting adjourned at 11:50 for open discussions.


Dan Mauch