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The Prez Sez

Kevin Ross

Wow, what a great Robothon event we had this year. The results along with some pictures are available in this issue of the Encoder. I would like to thank everyone for participating in this event.

Exciting changes are happening. One of the big ones is our change of address! We are moving our web host to a new server. For the past several years, the members of the HHHH group have been helping us host our website. Jared Reisinger (feety@hhhh.org) has put in a lot of effort into getting the SRS website up and running. This site would not be as popular as it is without Jareds help.

We decided to move the site so that maintainence and updates would be a little easier, plus we get our own domain name: SeattleRobotics.org. This also allows us the potential for adding some other cool features to the website. Keep in touch to see some of these develop.

Looking forward, the next year should be an exciting one. After the last robothon, some of us were talking about how to move our contests forward. We decided that a couple of new contests will be added, and a couple of the existing contests will probably be retired. If you are interested in participating in the updates to the contests and their rules, please send me some mail.

The overall theme for the changes is going to be challenge. This, of course, means some things will become 'harder'. However, I also would like to stress the challenge of getting started. Therefore, we are going to focus on setting up simple contests that will help get new members up and going building their robots. I expect we will start developing a kit form for many of our standard technologies. This will help jumpstart more peopled into building robots. Once they get some experience building something, I expect we will see lots of progress towards building more sophisticated robots.