May 1997

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The PIC Chip Uncovered

Dynamic Object Capture using Fast Vision Tracking.

Ladder Logic

Ultrasonics and Robotics

  The Prez Sezs

The Vice Prez Sezs

Classic Encoder

Scheduled Events   Here is a list of upcoming events and tech sessions
May 17th   Our Spring ROBOTHON event and Meeting. Bring your robots and have some fun. Open 10am until 3pm in room D102, Renton Technical College, Renton WA. Admission is free, bring the family. Checkout our Flyer.

Hot Links   Here are this months list of interesting links. If you find a cool one, send it to us and we will add it to the list of Hot Links. This list will change each month.
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents   This is good every time! This Frequently Asked Questions list is a great resource for everyone.
SAF Links to Other Sites   This is a PBS site with links to other sites, including those involved in the AAAI contest that Newton Labs kicked butt in.

For information about submissions or comments about the online Encoder, contact Kevin Ross