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The Prez Sez

Kevin Ross

Request for help

Ever wanted to share your thoughts with others? I would like to encourage you to do so. Writing an article for the Encoder would be a great way to start. We are always willing and eager to accept articles from our readership. If you have something to share, please consider writing it up.

As time goes on, we regularly see new members joining our ranks. Many have never built a robot or any other complex device. They are desperate to find information about building things. This is something that YOU can help with. Do you find some construction technique useful? Some electronic design indespensible? Something so basic that everyone should know it? These are the things that make a newsletter successful. What seems trivial to you may very well be a most useful bit of information for someone else. These are the things that we can share with each other.

If you would like to participate by writing Encoder articles, please get ahold of me (KevinRo@nwlink.com) and let me know.

My current projects

I have three on-going robotics projects. I thought I would share what I am up to.

First, I am working to write a debugger for the 68HC12. I have created the BDM interface pod, and am working on Windows based software that will act as a debugger. This is proving to be an interesting project, as the chip has so many features. I am working on writing the disassembler/assembler portion now, and expect to have something working in a few weeks.

I also purchased a Lynxmotion Robotic arm kit that I am putting together. It looks like a pretty good design, and I think I will be able to make use of it. Check out the web site to see a good description of it. The kit is well constructed. I will bring it to a meeting soon.

My other project is trying to write Encoder materials and keep up my web pages.

See you at the next meeting.