February 1997

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The Basics

Scheduled Events   Here is a list of upcoming events and tech sessions
February 15th, 1997   Yet another afternoon tech session is going to be dedicated to construction and debugging. Bring your toys, tools, and pizza money. We will be ordering takeout.

Quick Notes   Interesting bits of news and trivia
68HC11E2's for sale   Wyle Electronics has 1300 MC68HC11E2FN chips available for sale. The single quantity price for these parts is $18.10. Get'm while they are hot!

Hot Links   Here are this months list of interesting links. If you find a cool one, send it to us and we will add it to the list of Hot Links. This list will change each month.
http://www.ednmag.com   Electronic Design News online edition. Interesting electronics news and design tips.
http://www.national.com/design/index.html   National Semiconductor Design Engineer Resource Page. Find data sheets and order samples of National chips.
http://www.dalsemi.com/   Dallas Semiconductor Home Page. Data sheets and other information from Dallas Semi
http://colitz.com/site/wacky.htm   The Wacky Patent of the Month Club. Take a look, its rather odd.
Nuts & Volts Magazine   A great electronics magazine full of classified adds and other interesting stuff, including Karl Lunts robotics column.
Robot Competition FAQ   Robotic competitions schedule
Zorin HC11 Microcontroller Products   MC68HC11 kits available with documentation, as well as other projects.
A K PETERS HOME PAGE   Technical books and other interesting stuff.
Chip directory   With this one you can pick the first two digits of the IC part number and it brings up a sorted list of parts to choose from, often with links to mfrs of the part and sometimes to information on the part. (Scroll down a bit to find this feature.)
Data Sheet Index   Links to various sources of data sheets
NIST Virtual Library   National Institute of Standards and Technology

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