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Meeting Minutes


Seattle Robotics Society Meeting minutes from December 21, 1996.

The meeting started at 10:00 by President Kevin Ross.

There was no treasurer report since Karl Lunt wasn’t present.

There were 26 members present.

Kevin Ross discussed the following:

Kevin proposed a Mars Lander Contest that he and Karl had a discussion about. The contest would require that the contestant be able to control their robot remotely similar to what NASA will have to do without as long as a time delay. The area would have to have a barrier so that the operator couldn’t see his/her robot while it was operating in real time. SRS would provide a data link and the user would then take it from there. Obviously, there would have to have a vision system. The contest would be sometime in May. Dan Mauch Offered to lend his small video camera to contestants that needed a video system. It could be change from contestant to contestant. There was quite a discussion without any real resolution on how we would provide the time delay for the video. Kevin says he would have the rules by next friday. Keith Payea said we need a variety of terrain. So it looks like we will have to do some work to do to get all the details for the contest.

Karl Lunt asked Kevin to bring up the possibility of moving up the meetings to the second saturday of each month. There was no significant debate on the subject. Kevin indicated that this would be published first in the Encoder to give everyone advance notice.

Dan demonstrated his new single axis manual and CNC controller. It ran really nice. It was running a 300 oz in stepper motor at about 500 RPM. There is an on board pulse generator for manual speed control, a direction switch and a mode select switch to control speed and direction. Last there is an all windings off feature for shutting off the windings if needed.

Bill Harrison talked about his RC bulldozer kit that he got from the servo store. He showed it off in it’s kit form.

Ron. Said that he has two 19" computer monitor if someone wanted them. They need the signal converted. He also has a case for a UPS that he wants to give away. Mark talked about a tri city robot group member that has a web page that showed how to use multiple servos with the 68HC11.

His web page is www.evironet.nl/users/ragman/robots.html

Kevin talked about the new 68HC12 with 32K flash ram.

Bill Bailey talked about the adventure in South Korea where the folks from Newton labs and Bill entered the mini robotics soccer team. The rules favor the fixed video system. They won 20-0 A video was shown that documents the event. It was great. The Newton group and Bill Bailey of the SRS did a great job. Norm talked about electronic layout software. They are using the new Protel windows version. He reports that it isn’t the best yet.

Bill Harrison in the tech tid bits showed a mini sumo. He showed his Mabuchi motors. They run neat. He pointed out that the fastest sumo win. The problem is to control the beast. If the machine is too fast it goes off the ring, if too slow, it loses. So the trick is to have a two speed system. He uses a 4427 and relays to control the motor. So he set up a 555 with a trim pot to adjust PWM. He uses about 1KHZ thus the two speed works great. Kevin said there would be a tech session after the regular meeting to help each other progress on their project so bring your lastest creation in. Kevin will bring his storage Oscilloscope for those hard to find problems.

V/R Dan Mauch Secretary