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Micromouse Competition

 Tom Dickens thomas.p.dickens@boeing.com

Ever since last spring I have been intrigued by the MicroMouse Maze competition Since then I have been too busy on various projects to do much robotic work, including building a MicroMouse Maze and a MicroMouse robot. During this time my interest in this competition has not decreased, and I have (finally) found the time to put effort into it. My goal is to have a maze of some sort built which I will be bringing to the January SRS meeting. As far as a robot for the maze, it may be another month or two in the works. For a reference to the complete MicroMouse rules and other information, please take a look at the March 1996 Encoder, #106.

As on-going inspiration in the MicroMouse event, I am passing along the latest contest results from the All Japan MicroMouse contest.


The results of the 1996 race are available at http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~ntf/mouse/taikai/17results.html

A page with rules, pictures, and results is New Technology Foundation MICROMOUSE Committee