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Contacting the
Seattle Robotics Society

Page last updated: 1/3/22

The best way to get in contact with the SRS is via email. You will get the fastest response this way because it's the most reliable way to reach us.

Send your email to:

SeattleRoboticsSociety(at) with subject keywords (see below) based on who you are trying to reach. Use the person's name and title either in the subject line or in the body of the text. This email is shared by all the folks listed below and filters to them using keywords.

Jim Wright   President
Vacant   Vice President or VP
Steve Kaehler   Secretary, Monthly Meeting Coordinator (MMC), Webmaster, Workshop Host (WSH)
Kevin Ross   Treasurer
Dick Curtiss   Workshop Host (WSH)
Lloyd Moore, Donna Smith   Robothon, Contest Coordinators, Robothon Committee Member (RCM), Contests
James Wall, Jim Kindsvater, Mark Kenworthy   Robothon, Contest Coordinators, Robothon Committee Member (RCM), Contests
Tom Carroll   Director of Media Outreach (DMO)
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Membership in the SRS

The Seattle Robotics Society accepts members worldwide. All we ask is that you be interested in robotics and related technology. We suspended any yearly dues when we stopped printing a paper version of the Encoder (long ago). Someday we may reinstate the dues to cover the cost of our website but so far that hasn't been necessary. Visit our website often and try to make it to the monthly meetings if you are in the Seattle area.

Visit our Facebook page

Go to for information updates, meeting announcements, etc.

Join our Meetup Group

Go to SRS Meetup Group. Join Meetup, let us know you're coming, and upload a picture to help people ID you and remember your name at meetings.

Our email list server

Mailing List was our main discussion group with many enthusiastic and knowledgeable folks contributing content. It has always been a great place to ask all your robotics questions and to communicate with all of the world wide members of the Seattle Robotics Society who have routinely contributed information since 2000. The purpose of this list was to encourage the discussion of robotics and related technologies and capture this into a searchable archive. Verizon's has decided to shut it down on December 15, 2020.

The messages from the group have been downloaded in Mbox format, a text-based format that retains the general content and appearance of the messages but includes full message headers and what looks like Postscript code for some messages. The link below takes you to a folder on the SRS Google Drive that contains twenty 10MB text files, ordered chronologically, each about 250K lines long listing thousands of messages each. At present these files can be viewed and searched using any decent text search tools (e.g. Notepad++), but we hope a more useful method can be devised to permit helpful information contained in the files to be efficiently located. At present, they are on the SRS website and should soon be indexed by Google to permit keyword searching. Please contact us (use emails above) if you have skills and/or tools to help with this project.

Seattle Robotics Group Text Message files

Since the YG is totally different than it used to be, the SeattleRobotics group has been created on Please join this list and continuing to contribute. Information and guidelines for this group are provided below.

We have very few rules. They are summarized as DO and DON'T below.


  • Contribute anything technical that you feel is appropriate for the group.
  • Share cool websites or other interesting information with the group.
  • Help others find resources and information related to their questions and on robotics.
  • Conduct other club business as needed.


  • Do flames, personal attacks, or otherwise act poorly. Poor conduct are NOT allowed on our list.
  • Post pure commercials. These are NOT allowed.
  • Post spam or very nearly spam-like postings. These are not allowed.

List Directives:

Monday Night Chat

Seattle Robotics Society members can be found online at all hours on any day of the week, in the #SeattleRobotics channel on This is an informal chat session and is a great place to come ask live questions of SRS members, seek help for technical problems, or just chat about robotics.

Each week, SRS members host a "Monday Night Chat" in this channel. The channel tends to be the most active around this time, with lots of people online chatting. The 'official' time is 7 - 9 p.m. Pacific Time, but there are people from many time zones, so discussions often take place outside that time frame.


Some browser extensions or Matrix uses can follow:

  • irc://
  • A simple browser-based chat interface is at

  • If you have problems, post a message on the SRS discussion group.

    Getting an IRC client

    Find an IRC client that seems appropriate for your platform (Win/Mac) and has the features you want. A web search for "free IRC client" should find plenty of options. Wikipedia also offers a comparison of IRC clients. Also, many messaging clients for AIM, MSN, etc. offer IRC support.

    Connecting to Freenode

    Here's the basic information that you'll need to tell your IRC client:

    • Protocol: IRC
    • Server:
    • Username: (choose something you like, see the section below for info on registering your nickname)
    • Password: (enter this if you've registered a nickname, otherwise leave it blank)

    Advanced settings, which your client will probably set by default:

    • Port: 6667
    • Encodings: UTF-8

    Joining #SeattleRobotics chat

    Use your client's command for joining a chat and specify #SeattleRobotics when prompted for the channel. If you are prompted for a password, leave it blank.

    Registering a 'nick' (nickname)

    It is a good idea to register the nickname that you like to use. See freenode's Knowledge-base page on "Nickname Registration"for details on how to do this.