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Page last updated: 12/22/2019

Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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3/16/19: This month's meeting had a good turnout with about 40 people showing up to learn and talk about robots.

We started off with a video about a cool walking robot that can right itself and do backflips.

A few Robothon T-Shirts are still available for $15. SRS Polo shirts are available at meetings for $30 (card, cash, or check). See Steve K. or Lloyd M. during the break or after the meeting if you would like to purchase one (or more).


Meeting Pictures on Google Photos. The following people shared something with the group:

  • Dick C. summarized last month's workshop tutorial and talked a little about what he would cover this month.
  • Dave shared about his InMoov robot project that he has been working on for three years.
  • Steve S. shared about his Robo-Magellan robot.

Feature Presentation

The Workshop

    The afternoon workshop was lightly attended. Carol was present but there weren't enough Workshop robots to do the "Follow-the-Leader" contest so it has been postponed until a later meeting. Please bring your robots with you in whatever condition and we'll work together to make them go. To help everyone with programming their Arduino robots, Dick Curtiss started leading "Programming 101" classes during the workshop this month. Visit the Workshops page for details including the downloads.

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