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Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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1/19/19: This month's meeting had a great turnout with about 50 people showing up to learn and talk about robots.

We started off with a video about Microsoft's prediction of the future from a decade ago (the YT video is at the bottom of the article). It is an interesting look at the possibilities of computers, handheld devices, and screen technologies that is still a ways out there, but not so far off in some regards. Some people thought the transparent display screens would be distracting because of the things beyond them. The capability to transfer content between devices with a swipe was pretty slick, rather like the way Tony Stark/Ironman does it.

A few Robothon T-Shirts are still available for $15. SRS Polo shirts are available at meetings for $30 (card, cash, or check). See Steve K., Lloyd M., or Carol H. during the break or after the meeting if you would like to purchase one (or more).


Meeting Pictures on Google Photos. The following people shared something with the group:

  • Collin showed picture and videos he took at a robot show he attended on a trip to eastern Europe from which he recently returned.
  • Jim K. shared that he is taking a robot programming class at North Seattle College that features the Activitybot Propeller chip robot that the SRS offers and emphasized how great a value this kit is and that he's having a blast going through all the exercises.
  • Joel shared about his involvement with the upcoming ballet "Coppelia" being done by the Evergreen City Ballet and their desire to include robots in their show. They would like to borrow about a dozen or so robots from willing SRS members. If you're interested, please bring them to the next several meetings and Joel C. will get them to the ECB. They will be returned after April 28th.
  • Carol showed some of her latest 3D-printed robots. See Google Photos this month for pictures.
  • Jim L. showed off his six-legged, walking, talking robotic marvel. See Google Photos this month for pictures.
  • Robert showed us some of his robots and told us about others he's built. See Google Photos this month for pictures.
  • Greg showed his standard robot platform project. This is a continuation of his standard robot bus project he shared at last November's meeting. See Google Photos this month for pictures of his platform.

Feature Presentation

    SRS member Lloyd Moore, President of Cyber-Data Corp, a consultant and self-employed hardware/software developer. He shared the ups and downs of working for himself and being his own boss. It's not always easy but it can be fun and very rewarding but also lots of work. Lots of great questions were offered by the audience and a good time was had by all. If you have questions he can be reached at Lloyd(at)

The Workshop

    The afternoon workshop was lightly attended. Carol was present but there weren't enough Workshop robots to do the "Follow-the-Leader" contest so it has been postponed until a later meeting. Please bring your robots with you in whatever condition and we'll work together to make them go. To help everyone with programming their Arduino robots, Dick Curtiss will be leading "Programming 101" classes during the workshops starting next month, so bring your kit and a laptop. Visit the Workshops page for details including the downloads.

If you have comments or opinions on this writing, please email me at SeattleRoboticsSociety(at)

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