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Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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11/17/18: This month's meeting had a decent turnout. About 37 people showed to talk about robots.

Keep working on your robots. Work on robots to compete in Robothon.

    We started off with this video about the AUBO-i5 collaborative robot that makes milk tea independently and simulates the styles of different milk tea specialists. Apparently some jobs are on the chopping block for robots to take over.

      Let me know if the Useful Links page is useful and if it's missing anything important. Robothon T-Shirts will be available at Robothon for $25. SRS Polo shirts are now available at meetings for $30 (card, cash, or check). See Steve K., Lloyd M., or Carol H. during the break or after the meeting.


    Meeting Pictures on Google Photos.

    • Doug B. is looking for help doing surface-mount soldering of low frequency RF (2-30MHz) circuit boards.
    • David H. is working on a project that he might try to sell if there’s sufficient interest.
    • Greg introduced a concept for a robot electrical/communication bus (Robobus). See the meeting photos.
    • James W. brought a bunch of cool stuff to give away.
    • Steve S. demo'd a cool four-wheel robot he's working on. See meeting pictures.
    • Steve K. showed a video about a fleet of ocean-going autonomous data collection robots.

    Feature Presentation

      A pre-recorded webinar available from Design News Magazine called "The Engineering Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles" facilitated by Steve Kaehler.

      In this webinar, Design News examined the challenges facing the automotive community, from the OEMs to Tier One and Tier Two suppliers. We looked at the sensors, processors and software. And we examined the validation and verification techniques that will allow engineers to better comprehend the breadth of potential challenges and enable the vehicles themselves to make the right decisions. From cameras and computers to algorithms and simulation systems, here’s a look at technology that will take the automotive industry into the era of autonomous driving.

      ==Sensor solutions for autonomous vehicles
      ==Software solutions for autonomous vehicles
      ==Computing solutions for autonomous vehicles
      ==Verification and validation challenges facing autonomous vehicle engineers

      ==Phil Magney, Founder & Principal, VSI Labs
      ==Matthew Linder, AV Solutions Engineer, VSI Labs
      ==Chris Posch, Director of Engineering – Automotive, FLIR Systems

      Use this Registration Link to access the webinar.

      The webinar was played with opportunities to pause during the presentation if people had questions or comments. The main presentation lasted about 45 minutes with Q&A afterwards, but we spent about 15-20 minutes discussing some of the things brought up. Security and hackability of autonomous vehicles (AV) was not specifically addressed in this presentation but certainly mattered to this audience. The use of FLIR technology to overcome limitations of ordinary video to provide all-weather visibility by the AV's sensors makes a lot of sense, especially since these sensors are getting more affordable all the time. FLIR tech has been employed in military systems for many years but has been prohibtively expensive for use in commercial and private AVs until recently but that is changing rapidly with so much effort and money being applied to developing and improving their technology for AVs.

    The Workshop

      The afternoon workshop was lightly attended. Also Carol was unable to attend so the "Follow-the-Leader" contest with the Workshop Robots has been postponed until next month.

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