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Page last updated: 2/2/2019

Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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8/18/18: This month's meeting had a surprisingly good turnout considering how warm it was. About 45 people showed up on a hazy August Saturday. Forest forest in BC and a convergence zone in the Puget Sound has trapped some much smoke around Seattle that our air quality (174) is worse than Beijing (66). The meeting started a little late but moved along once we got going.

Keep working on your robots. Work on robots to compete in Robothon and practice contests in between. We'll set up for various contests at the Fieldhouse from time to time to give you opportunities to try your robots and announce this on the website.

Let me know if the Useful Links page is useful and if it's missing anything important. Robothon T-Shirts are available for sale at the meetings for $25. SRS Polo shirts are now available at meetings for $30 (cash, check, or card). See Steve K., Lloyd, or Carol during breaks or after the meeting.

Ron Provine, former SRS Treasurer, has been busily scanning his collection of old paper copies of the pre-web SRS Encoder newsletter for me. People used to write a lot for the Encoder and it was once the premier robotics publication for hobbyists. Unfortunately people aren't as inclined as they once were to do this, though if someone sent us an article or two, we'd be happy to review it for posting. Consider the value of sharing what you've learned with others.

I've posted what he's done so far on the Encoder article page for your perusal. The newsletters date from Dec 1995 back to 90-91 and were monthly most of the time. They provide a fascinating look at the history of the SRS, how robotic technology has evolved, and some timeless tips that are as useful today as they were 20+ years ago. Please take some time to read them. I don't think you'll be disappointed. More articles are coming soon.


Round-the-Room and Meeting Pictures on Google Photos.

Feature Presentation

    This month's presentation was done by Jason Russell, PNW Territory Account Manager for Stratasys / GoEngineer. He shared with us about the state-of-the-art in high-end 3D printers and how they can print in many different types of materials, including metal. He brought a bunch of cool demo parts to show and took lots of questions. He shared how his company helped the Disk O' Ferno Battlebot team with their robot. It was a fun and interesting presentation. Here is a link to his slides.

The Workshop

    The afternoon workshop was lightly attended but still happened.

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