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Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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7/21/18: This month's meeting had a good turnout. About 42 people showed up. The meeting started on time. Continued to build robots.

Keep the working on your robots. Work on robots to compete in Robothon and the Special Contest Days. Let me know if the Useful Links page is useful and if it's missing anything important. Robothon T-Shirts are available for sale at the meetings for $25. SRS Polo shirts are now available at meetings for $30 (cash, check, or card). See Steve K., Lloyd, or Carol during breaks or after the meeting.


Gene E., Dick C., Che, Randy C., Ron P, and Steve K. shared during the Round-the-Room. Meeting Pictures on Google Photos.

  • Gene E.
  • Dick C.
  • Che
  • Randy C.
  • Ron P.
  • Steve K.

Feature Presentation

This month's presentation was done by Alex Kaehler. He took us on a journey to the fourth dimension using models made from K'NEX, shadow projections, and computer simulations that allow experimentation with moving through the fourth dimension by fixing one of the three normal dimensions (X, Y, or Z). He provided the following resources (coming soon) and models you can print if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating subject. The following is a post-presentation message from Alex along with a bunch of resources.

Hi all!

"I want to thank you all again for indulging my crazy obsession with higher dimensions. I really enjoyed sharing with you."

"I promised a list of recommended resources for those interested in going deeper, so here it is. There's lots of videos. A word of warning: a lot of content out there will refer to higher dimensional space in terms of time, probability, alternate universes, or "transcendent reality". I find that all a bit overblown, and recommend some healthy skepticism. After all, four dimensions (or even five, six, seven...) means nothing more than adding an additional coordinate to define a position in space."

"Anyway, here's the resource list, have fun! And feel free to reach out (, I always enjoy a good conversation about higher-dimensional space."

- Alex Kaehler

    Megakure, 4D puzzle game (coming... when it's finished.):


    From the creator of Megakure, 4D Toys:

    4D Toys

    Excellent documentary on higher dimensions (2hrs long. The pace is a bit slow, try watching at 1.25-1.5x speed):


    4th Dimension – Tesseract, 4D made easy – Carl Sagan:


    All six regular 4D polytopes:


    Constructing a hypercube:


    (For the truly ambitious) A projection of a rotating hypersphere. Each color represents one of six meridians:


    Glossary of higher-dimensional words. (The rest of the website is also excellent reading.):


    Strange spheres in higher dimensions:


The Workshop

The afternoon workshop was cancelled today since no host could stay.

If you have comments or opinions on this writing, please email me at SeattleRoboticsSociety(at)

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