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Page last updated: 6/9/2018

Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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5/19/18: This month's meeting had a good turnout. About 45 people showed up. The meeting started pretty close to 10AM since I'm finally resettled back in the Fieldhouse. Continued to build robots. The new Activitybot kits are turning out to be quite popular. I hope we'll see them at upcoming meeting and Robothon (Oct 6). The SRS will support both the original Arduino Boe-bot and the new kit at the regular monthly workshops so bring yours back and work on it with us.

I appologize for not posting updates about my robot Omicron on the SRS Weblog lately but I've been really busy. Keep the robot-building momentum going with yours. With Robothon and the Special Contest Days there will be plenty of opportunities to compete or at least test your robot(s). Also, take a look at the Useful Links page and let me know if it's useful for building robots and if it's missing anything important. SRS Polo shirts are now available at meetings for $30 (cash, check, or card). See Steve K., Lloyd, or Carol during breaks or after the meeting.


Tom C., Dick, Steve K., Mark & Chas, Donna shared during the Round-the-Room. Meeting & Contest Pictures on Google Photos.

Feature Presentation

This month's presentation was replaced by the Special Contest Day event. These are planned twice a year before and after Robothon to provide practice opportunities for Robothon contestants. Depending on vendor generosity, we often have proizes available for these events. This event included many Robothon (Walking, Line Following, Mini Sumo, Pop Can Challenge, Robo-Magellan) contests. Anything people brought robots for was set up for they could run theirs.

The Workshop

A few folks hung around and worked on their robots during the afternoon Workshop. I hope more of you will come in future months and bring your robot(s) to work on and show off. The next Special Contest Day should be after Robothon at the November meeting. It will follow next the meeting and there won't be a presentation so we can jump right into it. Get busy!

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