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Page last updated: 4/22/2018

Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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4/21/18: This month's meeting had a good turnout. About 40 people showed up. The meeting started at 10AM since I got started setting things up at 8:45. I actually remembered all my equipment this month. I continued to encourage everyone at the meetings to build robots. In fact, we sold a bunch of the new Activitybot kits so I hope that means we'll be seeing them at the upcoming Robothons (May 19, Oct 6). We will continue to support the original Arduino Boe-bot along side the new kit at the regular monthly workshops so bring yours back and work on it with us.

I haven't been posting as many updates about my robot Omicron on the SRS Weblog lately since I've been really busy with other things, but it's coming together. I hope you'll stop by to see how he's doing. Keep the robot-building momentum going. With Robothon and the Special Contest Day coming soon there will be plenty of opportunities to compete. Visit the Useful Links page and let me know if it's useful for building robots.


Nathan, Rob, Donna, Robert, Lloyd, Jim, Tom, Collin, Randy, Dave, and Adam shared during the Round-the-Room.

  • Rob and Nathan work for a company called TUI which is hiring people for some interesting robot-related projects
  • Donna talked about the upcoming Special Contest Day (next month) and Robothon. The website is up to date.
  • Robert shared that there is a STEM showcase in Silverdale at the Kitsap Mall next Saturday.
  • Lloyd talked about the club polo shirts which Carol brought. They are available at meetings for $30.
  • Jim talked about various maker spaces being set up around the area, one near Boeing's Everett plant (SnoCoMakers) and another at Bellevue Library.
  • Tom brought a bunch of interesting give-away items and lots of magazines. He's also working on getting better media coverage of our contest events by local newspapers and TV stations.
  • Collin talked about the Technology Development Center at WWU.
  • Randy showed a cool LEGO scale model of the Saturn V rocket he recently acquired.
  • Dave brought a bunch of 35mm slide storage boxes for give-away.
  • Adam showed us a cool plastic pumpkin with dot-matrix eyes that appear to move and a mini two-wheel balancing robot called Mip.

Feature Presentation

Lloyd Moore gave an interesting talk on vision processing alorgorithms including pros and cons for several types. Here is the Youtube video of Chandler Carruth he referred to during his presentation. Here are his slides.

The Workshop

A few folks hung around and worked on their robots during the afternoon Workshop. I hope more of you will come in future months and bring your robot(s) to work on and show off. The next Special Contest Day will follow next month's meeting so get busy. There won't be a presentation so we can jump right into it. I hope to see lots of you there!

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