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Welcome to the Omicron 4 Robot Weblog

This page will be updated from time to time with information about a robot being built by SRS Secretary and Meeting Organizer Steve Kaehler. I hope to update this information often and welcome comments and questions about this robot. Contact me at SeattleRoboticsSociety(at)

Page last updated: 2/1/20

Omicron 4 Development Details and Progress Information

Some questions that I am pondering:

    1) Can I make the robot track in a relatively straight line using a digital compass for feedback? YES.

    2) How can I get clean feedback signals from the drive motors? Use Schmitt Triggers on the optical sensors? YES.

    3) Feed Schmitt triggers to F/V converters then amplify for analog inputs? YES.

    4) Can I write a program that can control and read a bunch of PINGs without timers and still be responsive to all the other sensors? YES.

Here are some ideas and plans that I have been working on. (12/6/17; pages 1-6)

    Pg1: Main Drive Controls - This diagram shows the general concept for the main drive system control logic (1/16/18).

    Pg2: I2C Bus Devices for Robot - This diagram shows the I2C Bus devices that I'd like to include on the robot.

    Pg3: Bit Sensor Inputs for Robot - This list summarizes the digital sensors (bit inputs) that I am planning to add.

    Pg4: I/O Summary List for Robot - This list summarizes the I/O of the robot.

    Pg5: Left Motor Controls for Robot - This schematic shows the left motor control relay hookup.

    Pg6: Right Motor Controls for Robot - This schematic shows the right motor control relay hookup.

    Here is the battery power charging and distribution system. (12/6/17)

    Here is the logic circuitry for cutting off the motors if a bump sensor trips. (12/30/17)

    Here is the program pseudo-code. (1/16/18)

    Here is the "Omicron" program (1/23/18) such as it is. I haven't tested it yet but have been incorporating things I've learned from simpler programs that focus on the robots subsystems. The main emphasis has been integrating the motor controls and bump sensor logic into basic bump-and-avoid behavior. There is a mix of real and pseudo-code in the program. Eventually it will all be real and I hope actually work!