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The Seattle Robotics Society was formed in 1982 to serve those interested in building robots and associated technologies. We are a non-profit corporation consisting of a diverse group of technologists and tinkerers. Our collective passion is learning about robots through education and freely sharing our skills and knowledge with our community through meetings, workshops, contests, outreach events, online, and mentoring.

See the SRS Programs page for information on the activities that the SRS does to help promote robotics. If you are interested in donating financially to the SRS, we can accept donations using the PayPal app at

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We are conducting ONLINE meetings using ZOOM from now on and posting recordings of the meetings and if permitted, the presentations, after the meetings. See the specific meeting announcements below for the meeting link and other details.

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  • Check out the "scanned paper" Encoder issues from the early 90's scanned to PDF and added to the Encoder. SRS YouTube video links to various contests and events are inserted amongst the meeting notes. If you come across any not included, email (below) me the link(s).
  • Check out the "Useful Links" page of robotics resources. If you come across something not included, email (below) me the link(s).

For a number of years we have shared our regular meeting location with FIRST Washington. More recently we have been meeting only ONLINE. When in-person meetings restart, details will be posted below, on our Meetup page, on our Facebook page, and the club email list.

Due to no in-person activities, the FIRST Washington Field House (21238 68th Ave South, Kent, WA from January 2017 to February 2020) has been vacated (eff. February 1, 2021). A new physical location for monthly meetings will probably be determined when FIRSTWA acquires a new facility and things open up enough for their in-person events to reliably happen.

Contact the SRS: SeattleRoboticsSociety(at) Please include helpful subject line text.

Feel free to send us any past meeting pictures you'd like to share to the SRS Gmail above. Include helpful subject line text with the message.

Upcoming Events

General Meeting Information

    Our regular meetings start at 10am PT (11am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET) on the third Saturday of each month unless otherwise noted. We will run consistent virtual meetings until in-person meetings can resume where the plan is to have hybrid virtual+in-person meetings. Some technical details need to be addressed, but hybrid meetings should be available for the benefit of those who wish to attend remotely.

    See the announcements below, on our Facebook page, Meetup page, and list. See the meetings page for details on the location and directions, and the announcements below for special location information if applicable. The planned presentations for upcoming meetings appear below. The Past Presentations page is an archive of presenters/presentations (slides) if they were provided.

Coming Presentations & Events

The SRS website has been migrated to Wordpress. Click here to visit the new website. (*) Contact Steve Kaehler at SeattleRoboticsRobotics(at), Subject: "Guest Suggestion" or "Presenter idea", if you are interested in presenting or have contact info for someone who is. Feel free to invite people to present but let me arrange scheduling.